What's wrong with other networks?

Absolutely nothing! I just find this tool better suited for the job. If you don't mind sending photos of notes or retelling exam questions to each and every one, every time, it's ok

So, what's the big deal?

Notekeeper puts the accent on the group, instead to an individual. Every member can add new things or edit already existing ones, and its all visible to the public. Think of it like some kind of a group-moderated wiki.

Okay, I have downloaded the app, what now?

First, register an account. Your email won't be used for any spamming, and your password is completely secure, I promise. Next, get some friends to do the same. You can use it alone, but if you want to unleash its full potential, you'll need some more people to create content. Create a group if your school/university/whatever you're attending doesn't have one, and add courses you attend. Voilá, you're ready to start adding some notes and questions! Tip: if you want to see extra options ("Search Wikipedia" included for those with Wikipedia app and newer Android phones), just hold an item (or select text) to open the context menu.

Can I be in multiple groups?

Sure, why not? All groups, along with all their options and screens appear in the navigation drawer. Below them, there are options for searching groups and creating a new one.

Can I use some other symbols except Latin?

Glad you asked! You can use any Unicode symbol you want (that includes pretty much anything you can think of). However, because we use Greek letters, super- and subscripts (powers and indices) more often than other symbols from where I come from, there are special shortcuts: if you want a Greek letter to appear instead of Latin, precede it with a backslash (\), if you want a letter or a number superscripted, use the caret (^) and if you want a number subscripted type _ before it (subscripts are number-only feature). To insert backslash and caret normally, type them out twice (so \\ is actually one backslash). To insert underscore normally, you need to double it only if it comes before a number (e.g. type __1 to get _1), use it normally in all other cases. One more thing: double forward slashes (//) will be replaced with a fraction slash (⁄). Combine it with superscripts and subscripts to display fractions!

I see different roles in "View members" screen. In what do they differ?

There are three roles group member can take, owner, mod and plain "member". Only owner can appoint mods, create announcements and edit group details. Mod can change course details, rename lessons and remove items in such way they can't be viewed by anyone anymore (unlike hiding, which is only on per-user basis). Everyone can edit exams, notes and questions, as well add new ones. Members can also add new courses.


Announcements are short messages an owner considers too important for other members to miss. There's an option - "Create an announcement" - in overflow menu on the screen with course list, which allows you to insert text and select years which should read it, so everyone who is filtering at least one of the selected years will get it next time they open the app.

What's exactly public?

All the courses, lessons, except those which are tied to an exam, notes and questions (except those who belong to exam lessons) and images associated with them. Exams and all notes and questions you put in them, as well as all audio recordings are visible only to group members.

There are dozens of different courses in my group. I don't want to see all this stuff, can I batch-hide them?

There is a filter icon on top of your screen, above the courses. Check it out!

Notes are in the wrong order. Can I change it?

Sure thing! Hold an item, then swipe upwards or downwards, until youre happy with the new position.

The app crashed/is reporting an error!

Oh, noes! Please send me a mail describing what exactly have you done before, as detailed as you can remember, and which error you got, and I'll look into it.

It says I'm offline, what does it mean?

If you're connected, treat it as a bug and see the previous question. If you're really offline, it means you won't be able to add new items or edit already existing ones, and any changes you make, like hiding items, likely won't persist (that is, will be reverted next time you connect)

I think I should see something, but it isn't there!

In order to save bandwidth, data is cached on device, meaning you don't always have the latest everything. Swipe up (and by that, I mean downwards) to refresh. If it's still missing, contact me and I'll check it out.

Where are the images and recordings stored?

Images are on your local storage, in DCIM/Notekeeper(/course name), and audio files are inside recordings/Notekeeper/course name. You can freely delete them; they will be redownloaded next time you access the notes. Hiding items will remove all media associated with them as well.

Can I somehow access the data on my computer?

Not at the moment, but I feel you and I know how typing out everything is painful on small screens. A web platform is in the works, which would work regardless of the platform!

What about iPhone/iPad?

Well, I don't have either, but you're more than welcome to gift me one! No plans at the moment; after the web platform is done, they will be able to access it as well.

Ok, so what can I expect from this in the future?

First and foremost, squashing all the pesky bugs (sorry!) and proper invitations (e-mails), then implementing some more effictient and smarter caching mechanism (less data used AND less manual refreshing). A web platform, definitely, hopefully soon. Per-course (or even per-group) group chats, for easier communication with you peers about appropriate topics. Richer formatting options (LaTeX anyone?). A more functional offline mode at some point in time as well. Bunch of other minor quality-of-life changes - wait and see. Of course, youre welcome to suggest anything you'd like to see.

Who are you?